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Soqotra (Socotra)

Island of the Dragon’s Blood Tree

A Tale of Two Sons

In 1964/65 I took this photograph of our expedition leader, Captain Peter Boxhall, being greeted by Wazir Ibrahim. Ibrahim was 'standing in' for the Sultan who was on the Mainland. Above and behind Ibrahim in the long, black coat is the Island's executioner.

On my return to Soqotra in 2002, I had this photograph on me and showed it to some locals. Immediately one recognised the executioner and told me that he was still alive, aged about 85 years. His son, Abdullah, worked at the Yemenia airline office in Hadibo. So one evening I was taken to meet Abdullah and his family. I gave Abdullah the photograph of his father and .....it was also revealed that Ibrahim and the executioner were brothers. So Ibrahim was Abdullah's uncle! Sadly, Ibrahim was shot 7 years after I took his photograph.

In January 2003, I had a close-up photograph of Ibrahim with me and this time I was told his son was living in Hadibo. This is a picture of Ibrahim's son with my photograph of his father. The likeness is amazing.

Meeting the sons of two men, I photographed all those years ago, was quite an experience.