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Soqotra (Socotra)

Island of the Dragon’s Blood Tree


By Vladimir Agafonov

These folk-lore fairy tales were collected by me on Soqotra and Aden in 1976-1980 with the help of very talented people - men, women and children from the island of Soqotra. They were then translated and published in literary form in Russian children’s newsletters and magazines. Now here is an English version. I also think that my literary texts should be accompanied with some examples of original Soqotri language pieces from these tales -with direct English translation from Soqotri into English - for more information and colouring.

FAIRY TALE 1    “Ali The Clever One and his kitchen garden”

FAIRY TALE 2     “Ali the Clever One treats the Sultan”

FAIRY TALE 3     “Ali the Clever One and The Dream”