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Soqotra (Socotra)

Island of the Dragon’s Blood Tree

Links to Soqotra-related web sites.

www.socotraIsland.org The 'official' website for Soqotra. The site covers conservation, environmental and development issues of the Island and is an essential visit for those concerned for the future of the Island.

The Soqotra Karst Project web site.  Soqotra has a number of very large cave systems, many of which have been explored and mapped by the Soqotra Karst Project Team. The cave systems are revealing information that can be of great importance to the Socoteri people and the scientific world. A visit to their website is a must.  The Team's leader is Peter De Geest

Friends of Soqotra (FoS) was formed in 2001 at an inaugural meeting at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh attended by over 40 people representing eight countries. The distinctive rationale for FoS is that it brings together people with backgrounds in scientific research and those with a more general interest and develops the synergies between them.

Douglas Botting led an Oxford University Expedition to Soqotra in 1956. If his subsequent book, "Island of the Drangon's Blood" had not been read by Captain Peter Boxhall, I would not have gone to Soqotra in 1964 and you would not be reading this. Douglas has a lot to answer for!! A second printing of Douglas' book is due in 2006 in time for the Soqotra Exhibition at the RBGE in Edinburgh.

Click on his image to discover more about his life and work.

Phil Haines takes parties to many remote and exotic places of the World, including Soqotra, so you may find his web site  Live-Travel, of interest.

High and Wild is another company specialising in tours to exotic places including Soqotra.

Blackburn Beverley aircraft visited Soqotra on many occasions during their service. There are none flying now apart from some radio controlled models. Peter Stubb's web site will tell you all you need to know about the Beverley.

Dr Wolfgang Wranik has visited Soqotra on a number of occasions in recent years and his pages on this web site are a wealth of information on the Island.

The Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland has carried out extensive research on Soqotra. This site has some excellent panoramic photographs of the Island.

Ethnoflora of the Soqotra Archipelago is a new book written by Anthony G. Miller and Miranda Morris.

For more details click here.

The British-Yemeni Society "Its objectives are to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of the two countries and to advance public knowledge in Britain about the Republic of Yemen, its history, geography, economy and culture."

The German-Yemeni Society "Our society supports the German-Yemeni Friendship. We serve solely and direct charitable purposes. Our duties are found in the support of international understanding, personal contacts and professional exchange, specially in the support and advice of medical terms, cultural interchange, sciences and archaeology."

Norman Koren's web site is recommended for its vast amount of information on all aspects of photography.

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