A web site dedicated to the unique island of

Soqotra (Socotra)

Island of the Dragon’s Blood Tree

The Amateur Radio pages document my interest in short wave communication - ‘ham’ radio. My amateur radio operation on Sooqtra during the 1964/65 RAF/Army Expedition remains the only ham radio operation to have taken place.  The Republic of Yemen and The Republic of North Korea are the only two countries not to allow amateur radio operation.  I have recently made contact with ham stations in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Palestine so I see no reason why Yemen should not allow such operation.  The country and island would attract excellent coverage.

The Book by Cheung is the definitive book on the Island.  If you only buy one book about Soqotra then this is the one to get.

I purchased Mallet’s map from Ebay.

The Soqotra links page provide many web sites I am sure you will find interesting.

My Diary page documents how my interest in the island started and the events leading up to my 3 visits.